Jurassic Park source code

Jurassic Park is on AMC right now (one of Chrissy’s all-time favorite movies). Dennis (aka Newman) is hacking away at a computer, just before he explains that some systems may go down, and runs out to drop off the dino eggs. I decided to pause and take a look at the code. It was blurry when paused, but I could pick out a few strings keywords, some comments, and regexes. A little bit of googling, and I found the exact file:

Surprisingly, I didn’t find any trivia sites or references to this fact. So, here’s my first, tiny, and probably last contribution to the pile of movie trivia available on the internet. Click the thumbnail below to see the code up close.

Jurassic Park source code

Now that I’ve posted an image which contains both a copyrighted movie and copyrighted source code, I feel I can take the SOPA & PIPA thing more personally. (Not that I didn’t take it seriously before, I just need to experience things myself in order to take them to heart.)

# CheckOutActive - Check the active window out for modification
# Usage: Called by a user­defined menu item
# CheckOutActive uses the ProjectInfo command to determine the
# parent project for the file open as the Active window. Once this
# project has been determined, the file open as the Active window
# can be properly checked out.
# © Apple Computer, Inc. 1988
# All rights reserved.


# Request a comment before we check the file out. It is still possible
# that the checkout will fail because the lastest revision on the trunk
# is already checked out for modification by someone else.

(Set comment "`Request -d "{Task}" "What changes will you make?" || Set error {Status}`")
If {error} == 0
Evaluate "{®3}" =~ /(,([0-9.]+[a-z]*)*)®4[0-9.]+/ # {®4} contains the branch
If "{comment}" ‚ ""
Checkout -t "{comment}" -c -m -project "{®2}" "{Active}{®4}"
Checkout -c -m -project "{®2}" "{Active}{®4}"
If {Status} ‚ 0

Update Aug 2016 — Got this message from Lawrence D’Oliveiro at http://www.geek-central.gen.nz :

Came across your blog item about the source code extracted from the Jurassic Park screen shot.

I can tell you what language that is: it’s MPW Shell script. This was Apple’s integrated development environment that ran native on the old (non-protected, non-Unixy, not-quite-multitasking) MacOS. I used it for many years from the 1980s into the 1990s, to write code in Pascal, then Modula-2, then C. Those “Checkout” commands are for the integrated version control system, called “Projector”, which I never quite figured out how to use.