my first android app

Simple log of inhaler puffs, to help me monitor my usage and know when the inhaler is nearly used up.


Even though the code is a little hackish and the interface is really simple — 1 button, two pieces of data, and one menu option (“reset”) — I learned a lot with this first project.

  • basic UI layout
  • alerts
  • menus
  • SQLLite database creation, storage, and retrieval
  • deploying to a real device

The current functionality is at a level that I will probably really use it.  I’ve been tracking the same data on pen & paper for nearly 15 years, and I’ve always wanted to improve the accuracy and ease of doing that.  More interesting to me, though, is the idea of turning this into a learning-to-program-android project. I plan to make a v2 loaded with lots of relatively useless features, just for the excercise of trying out various parts of the API.

Next up, I might rewrite the whole thing and make it more generalized for tracking other types of events (even templatable eventually?), or I might explore more UI stuff by showing recent puffs in a list, or possibly rework the database to store long term data and really explore trends.  Maybe I’ll even check out the maps API and start logging my location.

source code: Puff Tracker
app: Puff Tracker.apk