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Tracking my workouts

Friday, February 17th, 2012

I posted about my workout logger page a few months back. I’ve been using it steadily since then, but with the house project I had no time to work on improving the page. Recently I’ve gone back to it and added a few tiny bits of functionality, like straight-to-wordpress blogging of my workouts, and persistent storage so that I won’t lose my workout details if I accidentally navigate away from the page. I’ve also been tweaking the UI gradually, to make it a smoother experience on my phone’s browser: bigger buttons so I don’t have to concentrate so hard on pressing the right thing, dynamically hiding controls when they aren’t needed, etc.

workout logger page for mobile phone

App screens

It’s been fun doing a some coding with purpose again, and it’s also helped me focus my workouts better. Try it out at the pictured url if you want. Next I think I might add a real backend, to do more interesting things with the collected data.


workout logger

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Since April I’ve been logging all of my workouts & runs here on this blog, in the workout log section.

But writing the workouts down on scraps of paper, and then later taking the time to type them up, was getting tedious. I threw together a web form to make it easier. Now I can carry my phone around the gym, taking a few seconds between exercises to record my workout.

It’s a small static page with nothing on the server side yet. I save the data by packing it into a “mailto” link via javascript. I’ve got a head full of ideas about little bits of functionality I’d like to add, but even at this rough stage I’m finding it useful. I hope I get a few free minutes to keep toying with it over the next month.

running apps & stat trackers

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

My first summer of running, I became increasingly obsessed with improving my time. Looking at my watch constantly took away all the fun & relaxation that I’d initially felt when running. So I gave up the watch. I ran for over a decade without even looking at the clock before leaving the house.

Last year when I tried my first half-marathon, I realized the value of minding my pace, and I gave the stopwatch another try. Because I was going longer and longer distances, I started keeping mental track of my weekly mileage, making sure not to increase too quickly and injure myself. I’ve found that the stopwatch and my awareness of my pace have given me the comfort to explore new routes and go even farther, which I’ve really enjoyed. And though I’ve been mentally tracking a few stats, I’ve successfully avoided obsessing over them.

I’ve seen a couple of neat run-tracking tools recently that I’m interested in exploring. I might blog about them here, if I find that I have any worthwhile commentary or feedback.

My stats page at smashrun:
I came across this on and gave it a try. I really like the ease of input, and the stats look interesting.

I recently met the man behind, an iPhone running app. He was a very smart guy, and passionate about both user experience and quality GPS data. I’d try it if I had an iPhone. I’ve started browsing through some Android apps, but haven’t seen a clear leader yet.

I’m also a fan of That’s where I get the maps for my workout log entries from.

workout log

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Chrissy bought me some sessions with her personal trainer, Sean, for my birthday. It was totally unexpected, and something I never would have sprung for on my own, but I am stoked and looking forward to making the most of it.

I want to keep a log of the new exercises I’m learning, the progress I’m making, and have something to refer back to later — my memory for that type of detail is terrible. I’ve also been meaning to start a running log, because my memories are starting to blur from year to year and I like to push myself and compare myself to where I was at last year with increasing distance.

I don’t expect anyone will read this besides my future self, but hey maybe someone will find it interesting or useful. I’ve picked up my share of tips and inspiration from complete strangers’ exercise blogs. (When I’m feeling unmotivated before a planned run, I like to search for crossfit WOD and check out pictures of people doing crazy-fun stuff. Gets me going every time. Those are the runs where I wind up doing pull-ups at the school playground or finding random walls to jump on.)

I’ll probably post these on a sub page so that my main page is free for other possibilities. (You wouldn’t believe how many draft posts I have; maybe one day I’ll decide they’re worth publishing.) Off to tinker with wordpress now…

Tough Mudder – Nov 20

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

What have I gotten myself into? I signed up for this event in Englishtown with Chuck & Rob:     Course map.

Rutgers half marathon: April 18

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

I need a constant reminder. I’m posting this here so that I see it every time I open my browser.

16-week plan