A simple trunk hack

Tired of your stuff rolling around in the trunk of your car? Here’s a quick hack that can help.

trunk hack

  1. Find a medium-sized plastic bin. An old cardboard box would work, too.
  2. Find a small block of scrap wood.
  3. Put the bin against one edge of your trunk, then put the block up against it.
  4. Temporarily tape the block down to the trunk liner.
  5. Take the bin out, set it aside, and then take the whole liner out.
  6. Flip the liner upside down and put a couple of screws into the block, to fasten it permanently to the liner.
  7. Remove tape.
  8. Put the liner back in your trunk.
  9. Put the bin back into its spot.

You can put small or delicate items inside the bin to keep them from rolling around.   And it’s easy to take the bin out whenever you need to carry something that takes up the whole trunk.

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