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My first summer of running, I became increasingly obsessed with improving my time. Looking at my watch constantly took away all the fun & relaxation that I’d initially felt when running. So I gave up the watch. I ran for over a decade without even looking at the clock before leaving the house.

Last year when I tried my first half-marathon, I realized the value of minding my pace, and I gave the stopwatch another try. Because I was going longer and longer distances, I started keeping mental track of my weekly mileage, making sure not to increase too quickly and injure myself. I’ve found that the stopwatch and my awareness of my pace have given me the comfort to explore new routes and go even farther, which I’ve really enjoyed. And though I’ve been mentally tracking a few stats, I’ve successfully avoided obsessing over them.

I’ve seen a couple of neat run-tracking tools recently that I’m interested in exploring. I might blog about them here, if I find that I have any worthwhile commentary or feedback.

My stats page at smashrun:
I came across this on and gave it a try. I really like the ease of input, and the stats look interesting.

I recently met the man behind, an iPhone running app. He was a very smart guy, and passionate about both user experience and quality GPS data. I’d try it if I had an iPhone. I’ve started browsing through some Android apps, but haven’t seen a clear leader yet.

I’m also a fan of That’s where I get the maps for my workout log entries from.

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