2011-05-17 training with Sean


fairly typical, though it’s always different order and there were a few new things: jumping jacks, squats, a few jogs, quad-stretch walk, knee-to-chest walk, groin-stretch walk, frankenstein walk, skip for height & distance mixed with sprints, sumo squats, inchworm with no pushups, arm swings, hip swings, thrusts, mountain climbers, …


stability ball push-ups (20x, 3 sets). Notes: don’t let back sag (to work core), and it’s easier to start with stomach on ball and roll out to push-up position.

TRX row with my feet up on a bench (10x), 3 sets. I struggled to finish 10x, and the last 5 I only got about halfway up.

shoulder press (20lb, 12x) / lateral dumbbell raise (7.5lb?, 20x), 3 sets

squats (20x) / lunges down track / squats (20x) / lunges back down track, 3 sets. With small dumbbells held up at shoulders during squats, and down at waist during lunges. Jello legs.

lying leg raises, holding onto a railing post above my head (15x), 3 sets. This really worked my abs in an isolated way, without the pain of sit-ups.

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