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Chrissy bought me some sessions with her personal trainer, Sean, for my birthday. It was totally unexpected, and something I never would have sprung for on my own, but I am stoked and looking forward to making the most of it.

I want to keep a log of the new exercises I’m learning, the progress I’m making, and have something to refer back to later — my memory for that type of detail is terrible. I’ve also been meaning to start a running log, because my memories are starting to blur from year to year and I like to push myself and compare myself to where I was at last year with increasing distance.

I don’t expect anyone will read this besides my future self, but hey maybe someone will find it interesting or useful. I’ve picked up my share of tips and inspiration from complete strangers’ exercise blogs. (When I’m feeling unmotivated before a planned run, I like to search for crossfit WOD and check out pictures of people doing crazy-fun stuff. Gets me going every time. Those are the runs where I wind up doing pull-ups at the school playground or finding random walls to jump on.)

I’ll probably post these on a sub page so that my main page is free for other possibilities. (You wouldn’t believe how many draft posts I have; maybe one day I’ll decide they’re worth publishing.) Off to tinker with wordpress now…

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  1. Chris Lukic Says:

    I just sent a beta code for Smashrun over your way. I’ll be curious to hear what you think of it. You can email me or fill out the beta survey if you have any feedback or questions. And good luck with the personal trainer, there’s nothing like accountability to motivate a workout.

    (reverse stalked you from your email address domain)

  2. Joe Says:

    Just plugged my last month’s worth of runs in, copying the data from my blog entries. The manual-entry screen is very usable, it took me about 2 minutes total to plug in 10 runs. Now I have pretty stats and interesting metrics to look at. I like it! I’ll keep trying it and see what I think after a while.

    Here’s my stats page:

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