2011-04-22 training with Sean

First solo workout with Sean!

Goals: (in rough order)
lose the belly
strengthen core to avoid back problems
general tone
build leg strength, but in a way that fits in with the distance running I enjoy
mix things up — I’m bored of following mostly the same routine for the past 15 years
avoid too much reliance on fancy machines – I’d love to learn things I can do on my own even on days I’m not at the gym


We did a lot of different things in the warmup, I am probably missing some or mixing up some details, and definitely mixing up order. And I have no idea what things are named.

jumping jacks 3 ways:
– normal (10)
– front-to-back (10)
– one foot behind the other (10)

a few 50% jogs on down sprint track, with different stretch-walks back: no idea what these are called, but:
one was like a cross leg stretch, pulling foot up
one was knees-to-chest
one was like a high-step but pushing my hand sideways against my knee

lying on floor (one set on stomach, one set on back) and crossing one leg over body while turning head in other direction

hip flexor laying on side raising top leg
similar, raising bottom leg (toe pointed towards me)


kneeling leg lifts, out to the side
kneeling leg lifts, straight up

lower back: laying on stomach, right arm out w/ “thumbs up”, left arm making fist under forehead, then raise right arm & left leg together,
then same for other side,
then both legs and both arms and hold for 1/4 second

tip-toe up to downward-dog, then tip-toe hands out, then do a pushup, repeat for 1/2 of sprint track,
I forget what the other half was.

high-skip down the track
long-skip down the track

sumo squats

mountain climbers
frog hoppers


“lat pull with help” (55 lbs first set then more?) (10) / step-ups w/ medicine ball overhead (10 each leg) – 3 sets

pushups (20) / TRX rows (20) – 3 sets

“6-step dumbbell shoulder press” (7.5 lbs?) (12) / “windshield wiper pushups” (6) – 3 sets

sprint track: jogging down, sprinting back – 5 sets

Really enjoyed the 6-way shoulder press, TRX rows, and the “windshield wiper” pushups.

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