A homemade playlist for Mister C's Soul Spectacular on WFMU.

Explained in more detail here. Additions/corrections are welcome. I'll refresh this from time to time when I've accumulated more info.

Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
9/13/20020:00:00?Little Johnny Taylorfirst single on Galaxy?
9/13/20020:03:27This Is The Thanks I GetBarbara Lynn 
9/13/20020:06:25?Fabulous Emotions 
9/13/20020:08:32commercial: Detroit 9000  
9/13/20020:09:30?Fabulous Counts 
9/13/20020:12:25Let Me Be Your LovemakerBetty Wright 
9/13/20020:15:35commercial: James Brown  
9/13/20020:16:09Talkin' Loud and Sayin' NothingJames Brownsecond version?
9/13/20020:25:15You Can't Miss Nothing That You Never HadIke & Tina Turner 
9/13/20020:27:18commercial: Black Shampoo  
9/13/20020:28:15??"bed music, instrumental"
9/13/20020:33:50You Want It You Got ItDetroit Emeralds 
9/13/20020:36:35commercial: James Brown  
9/13/20020:36:56Concrete ReservationSyl Johnson 
9/13/20020:39:50A Man Needs A WomanJohn HoltJames Carr song
9/13/20020:43:18commercial: Marigold Ballroom  
9/13/20020:43:53Making Up TimeFrankie & The Spindles 
9/13/20020:47:23Let's Do It OverJoe Simon 
9/13/20020:49:40I'm A Lonely StrangerArthur Conley 
9/13/20020:52:18Piece Of My HeartErma Franklin 
9/13/20020:55:35Love TrainBunny Sigler 
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
1/17/20030:00:00He Called Me BabyCandi StatonPatsy Cline
1/17/20030:04:13Let The Music Take Your MindKool & The Gang 
1/17/20030:07:15Freedom TrainJames Carr 
1/17/20030:09:25commercial: James Brown  
1/17/20030:09:50Can I Change My MindTyrone Davisgood ringtone?
1/17/20030:12:44A Woman Needs To Be LovedTyrone Davis 
1/17/20030:15:25commercial: Detroit 9000  
1/17/20030:16:20Come Round Here (I'm The One You Need)The Jackson 5Smokey Robinson
1/17/20030:19:19Lookin' For A LoveOlympicsBobby Womack & The Valentinos
1/17/20030:22:10  original soul train theme song
1/17/20030:23:58I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart (Than a Young Man's Fool)Candi Statonold man's sweetheart
1/17/20030:25:55commercial: Superfly  
1/17/20030:26:50Stand By Your ManCandi Staton 
1/17/20030:30:04You're Getting a Little Too SmartDetroit Emeralds 
1/17/20030:33:16commercial: James Brown  
1/17/20030:34:00Hot PantsBobby Byrd 
1/17/20030:36:57That's LifeJames BrownSinatra
1/17/20030:41:45commercial: Marigold Ballroom  
1/17/20030:42:15 lost the realaudio stream at 43:49 I Got To Get Ya
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
1/23/20030:00:00Marching Off to WarWilliam Bell 
1/23/20030:04:17We're On the Road to HellRoy C 
1/23/20030:06:40Ready Or NotDelphonics 
1/23/20030:08:34commercial: Superfly  
1/23/20030:09:30Ten Tons of DynamiteClarence Reed 
1/23/20030:12:20Believe In Me Baby (part 2)Jesse James 
1/23/20030:14:45commercial: James Brown  
1/23/20030:15:19I'm So Glad To Be Your LoverGlen Aiken 
1/23/20030:18:00Cassanova (Your Playing Days Are Over)Ruby Andrews 
1/23/20030:21:18It's Wonderful To Be In LoveLouis Williams 
1/23/20030:24:20commercial: Detroit 9000  
1/23/20030:25:20Havin a PartyOvations 
1/23/20030:28:50Pure Natural LoveOvations 
1/23/20030:32:15"If You Can't Give Her Love, Give Her Up"Mary Wells 
1/23/20030:35:00commercial: James Brown  
1/23/20030:35:29Darling Come Back HomeThe Valentinos 
1/23/20030:38:23Bring It On Home Where You BelongThe Simms Twins 
1/23/20030:41:29Soul HeavenE Rodney Jonesinstrumental bed music
1/23/20030:43:54One Man WomanBarbara Lynn 
1/23/20030:46:24"Why Them, Why Me"Abdullah 
1/23/20030:50:25  Lloyd Tate?
1/23/20030:52:44interviewSam Cooke & Montague 
1/23/20030:57:12True Love Travels On a Gravel RoadPercy Sledge 
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
2/21/20030:00:00Midnight AffairJimmy Hughes 
2/21/20030:02:40Sixty Minute ManClarence Carter 
2/21/20030:06:30dead air  
2/21/20030:07:30 Betty Wright 
2/21/20030:10:45dead air  
2/21/20030:11:11 Lyn Collinsbread without no meat
2/21/20030:14:15dead air  
2/21/20030:15:40"I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing"Funkadelic 
2/21/20030:17:05commercial: Superfly  
2/21/20030:18:05ChickenheadsBobby Rush 
2/21/20030:20:50(Follow Her) Rules And RegulationsTemprees 
2/21/20030:23:30commercial: James Brown  
2/21/20030:23:55?Louis Williamsday train
2/21/20030:26:20Black AngelIke Turner & The Kings of Rhythm 
2/21/20030:29:30Baby Please Come BackJJ Barnes 
2/21/20030:32:16commercial: Detroit 9000  
2/21/20030:33:15Short StoppinVeda Brown 
2/21/20030:35:45Never Get Enough of Your LoveEddie Floyd 
2/21/20030:38:50Gonna Send You Back To Your MamaDon Covaysend you back to your mama
2/21/20030:41:15commercial: James Brown  
2/21/20030:41:46It's My Thing (You Can't Tell Me Who To Sock It To)  
2/21/20030:44:30??bed music - wonder if it's king curtis?
2/21/20030:47:11Ain't Nothing You Can DoBobby Bland 
2/21/20030:50:16WitchcraftMarvin GayeSinatra
2/21/20030:52:45I'll Be AroundMarvin GayeSinatra
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
4/18/20030:00:00ShowtimeDetroit Emeralds 
4/18/20030:04:08Finders KeepersChairman of the Board 
4/18/20030:08:10I'm Just a Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin')Candi Staton 
4/18/20030:11:11commercial: James Brown  
4/18/20030:11:46You Know It Ain't RightJoe Hinton 
4/18/20030:14:44Bo DiddleyArt Neville & The Meterspart 1 or 2?
4/18/20030:17:19Heart of GoldBettye LaVetteNeil Young
4/18/20030:19:34commercial: Superfly  
4/18/20030:20:30Expressway to Your HeartVibrating Vibrations"Gamble & Huff, Soul Survivors"
4/18/20030:23:30I Pity the FoolBenny LatimoreBobby Bland
4/18/20030:26:45??"bed music, instrumental"
4/18/20030:28:57Outcast/I'm Gonna Always Love YouEddie and Ernie 
4/18/20030:31:56commercial: Marigold Ballroom  
4/18/20030:32:31"Get It Together, Part 2"James Brown 
4/18/20030:36:23Till I Get My ShareClarence Reid 
4/18/20030:38:40commercial: James Brown  
4/18/20030:39:24Nobody But You BabeClarence Reid 
4/18/20030:42:40I'll Love You ForeverEdwin Starr & The Holidays 
4/18/20030:44:48Back Up TrainAl Green & The Soul Mates 
4/18/20030:47:08??sweeter as the days go by?
4/18/20030:49:53commercial: Detroit 9000  
4/18/20030:50:53I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart (Than a Young Man's Fool)Candi Staton 
4/18/20030:53:15He Don't Really Love YouDelphonics 
4/18/20030:56:10You're The Reason WhyThe Ebonys 
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
6/13/20030:00:00"You're Right, Ray Charles"Joe Tex 
6/13/20030:04:22Without You In My LifeTyrone Davis 
6/13/20030:08:15Broadway FreezeHarvey Scales and The Seven Sounds 
6/13/20030:11:10commercial: James Brown  
6/13/20030:11:35Bring It UpJames Brown 
6/13/20030:14:00There Was a TimeJerry-OJames Brown
6/13/20030:17:36commercial: Marigold Ballroom  
6/13/20030:18:06For Your LoveGwen McCrae 
6/13/20030:21:10Sister PitifulJudy Clay 
6/13/20030:23:30Spreadin' HoneyWatts 103rd Street Rhythm Bandinstrumental/bed music
6/13/20030:25:40Storm WarningAmbassadors 
6/13/20030:38:35commercial: James Brown  
6/13/200300:29::00What You Got (is so good for me)Soul Brother Six 
6/13/20030:32:05Real HumdingerJ.J. Barnes 
6/13/20030:34:40commercial: Detroit 9000  
6/13/20030:35:39George Clinton & The ParlaimentsMy Girl 
6/13/20030:38:10Don't Make Me a StorytellerSteve Mancha 
6/13/20030:41:28Never Get Enough of Your LoveEddie Floyd 
6/13/20030:44:33Just For YouSam Cookeinternet flaked out, come back to this one
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
7/18/20030:02:18Say (That Your Love Is True)Joe Simon 
7/18/20030:05:29Turn On Your Love LightOscar Tony JrBobby Bland
7/18/20030:08:20Trespassin'Ohio Players 
7/18/20030:10:07commercial: Detroit 9000  
7/18/20030:11:10Taster Of The Honey (Not The Keeper Of The Bee)Jones Girls 
7/18/20030:14:21Trying To Get Next To YouArnold Blair 
7/18/20030:17:10commercial: James Brown  
7/18/20030:17:30World Of FantasyFive Stairsteps 
7/18/20030:20:30Girls Are Out To Get YouFascinations 
7/18/20030:23:10Woman Don't Go AstrayKing Floyd 
7/18/20030:25:28commercial: Marigold Ballroom  
7/18/20030:26:03Heart of GoldBettye LaVette 
7/18/20030:28:20  big soul train?
7/18/20030:31:10"Trouble, You Can't Fool Me"Ry Cooder??
7/18/20030:34:03commercial: James Brown  
7/18/20030:34:36HeresaySoul Children 
7/18/2003 TroubleFrederick Knight 
7/18/20030:38:50I Like Your StyleLee Shot Williams 
7/18/20030:41:21commercial: Superfly  
7/18/20030:42:16You Really Know How To Hurt A GuyJimmy Hughes 
7/18/20030:44:43"Neighbor, Neighbor"Jimmy Hughes 
7/18/20030:47:15commercial: Black Shampoo  
7/18/20030:51:30 Joe Texyour kind is so hard to find
7/18/2003   come back to the end of this show
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
9/19/20030:00:00Can I Change My MindTyrone Davis 
9/19/20030:03:38Peace Love Not WarJohnny King & The Fatback Band 
9/19/20030:07:13I Bet YouFunkadelic 
9/19/20030:10:58commercial: Detroit 9000  
9/19/20030:11:55Women's Love RightsLaura Lee 
9/19/20030:15:12You're A Dirty Dirty ManLaura Lee 
9/19/20030:17:51commercial: James Brown  
9/19/20030:18:21"If I'm Good Enough To Love, I'm Good Enough To Marry"Laura Lee 
9/19/20030:22:00??"bed music, instrumental"
9/19/20030:24:35Hijackin' LoveJohnny Taylor 
9/19/20030:27:41Outcast/I'm Gonna Always Love YouEddie and Ernie 
9/19/20030:30:40commercial: Marigold Ballroom  
9/19/20030:31:15The Memphis TrainRufus Thomas 
9/19/20030:36:34No Strings AttachedBad Lads?
9/19/20030:39:00commercial: Superfly  
9/19/20030:39:56I Got a Sure ThingOllie & The Nightingales 
9/19/20030:42:19Highway To HeavenThe Dramatics 
9/19/20030:46:30  gladys - real nitty gritty
9/19/20030:49:24commercial: James Brown  
9/19/20030:50:08Man Size JobDenise LaSalle 
9/19/20030:53:10We the PeopleAlan Toussaint 
9/19/20030:55:55?Sam & The Soul Machine"bed music, instrumental"
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
11/28/20030:00:00"I Can't Stop (No, No, No)"Arthur Conley 
11/28/20030:03:04Funky ManKool & The Gang 
11/28/20030:06:55Roger CollinsOakland Girls 
11/28/20030:09:37commercial: Superfly  
11/28/20030:10:35Save That ThingRimshotshttp://trunk-of-funk.blogspot.com/2009/01/save-that-thing-rimshots.html
11/28/20030:14:10commercial: James Brown  
11/28/20030:14:41DirtJeanie Knight(Paul Kelly song)
11/28/20030:17:10Cassanova (Your Playing Days Are Over)Ruby Andrews 
11/28/20030:19:55commercial: Detroit Emeralds  
11/28/20030:21:00"You Want It, You Got It"Detriot Emeralds 
11/28/20030:23:44commercial: Detroit 9000  
11/28/20030:24:44New Star in Soul HeavenEnoch Gregory 
11/28/20030:27:47Wholesale LoveArthur Conley 
11/28/20030:30:02Sitting on the Dock of the BayOtis Redding(bed music)
11/28/20030:32:08People Sure Act FunnyArthur Conley 
11/28/20030:34:34I'm a Lonely StrangerArthur Conley 
11/28/20030:37:17commercial: Marigold Ballroom (Rufus Thomas)  
11/28/20030:37:48Funky StreetArthur Conley 
11/28/20030:40:05Aunt Dora's Soul Love ShackArthur Conley 
11/28/20030:44:03Sweet Soul MusicArthur Conley 
11/28/20030:46:12commercial: James Brown  
11/28/20030:46:33"Shake, Rattle and Roll"Arthur Conley 
11/28/20030:48:52Who's Foolin' WhoArthur Conley 
11/28/20030:53:40Let's Go SteadyArthur Conley 
11/28/20030:56:20Take Me (Just as I Am)Arthur Conley 
11/28/20030:59:27Otis Sleep OnArthur Conley 
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
1/16/20040:00:00I'm Livin Good Louis Williams & the Ovations 
1/16/20040:03:22Honkey Tonk PopcornJames Brown 
1/16/20040:06:30This Is The Thanks I GetBarbara Lynn 
1/16/20040:08:42commercial: Trouble Man  
1/16/2004 We the PeopleAlan Toussaint 
1/16/20040:15:25commercial: James Brown  
1/16/20040:15:15Soul SisterAlan Toussaint 
1/16/20040:19:33Don't Make Me a StorytellerSteve Mancha 
1/16/20040:22:05commercial: The Mack Ice Cube?
1/16/20040:23:05PersonallyKarla Bonoff 
1/16/20040:26:33commercial: Marigold Ballroom  
1/16/20040:27:11Is It Something That You've GotTyrone Davis 
1/16/20040:29:41Cassanova (Your Playing Days Are Over)Ruby Andrewsbed music
1/16/20040:32:40 Jimmy Hughes"neighbor, neighbor"
1/16/20040:35:22 Billy Ball and The Upsetterssounds like Tighten Up
1/16/20040:37:44commercial: Shaft  
1/16/20040:38:43  tighten up -- again -- still not Archie Bell
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
1/16/20040:44:25It's Wonderful to Be In LoveOvations 
1/16/20040:47:28commercial: Soul To Soul  
1/16/20040:48:30Pool of Bad LuckJoe Simon 
1/16/20040:51:34  bed music
1/16/20040:54:20The Sweeter He IsSoul Children(that's it! 6-minute-song)
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
6/18/20040:09:35Whole Lotta WomanArthur Conleygood intro (phone?)
6/18/20040:12:29Tell HerFrank Williams and the Jewels Band???
6/18/20040:14:50commercial: James Brown  
6/18/20040:15:22She Put a Spell on MeLittle Milton 
6/18/20040:17:55HotJames Brown 
6/18/20040:22:33Wish I Had a Girl Like You Little Beaver (and Betty Wright)"""miami soul"""
6/18/20040:25:50commercial: Detroit 9000  
6/18/20040:26:47The Tramp (from Funky Broadway)The Showmen Inc.(part 1 or 2?)
6/18/20040:29:02Everything's Gonna Be AlrightRobert Moore 
6/18/20040:31:00It's a Master GrooveHenry Peters and the Imperials 
6/18/20040:32:00?William Bell 
6/18/20040:40:20Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)Marvin Gaye 
6/18/20040:42:44Satisfaction GuaranteedJudy White 
6/18/20040:46:06commercial: James Brown  
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
8/20/20040:00:00Competition Ain't NothingCarl Carlton 
8/20/2004  Lolita Holloway 
8/20/20040:06:18Whatsonever The DanceBootsy Collins  
8/20/200400:10::01commercial: James Brown  
8/20/20040:10:34Papa's Got a Brand New BagJames Brownw/ Louis Bellson Orchestra
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
9/17/20040:00:00I'm Glad You WaitedThe Players 
9/17/20040:03:35"You're The Man, Part 2"Marvin Gaye 
9/17/20040:07:00?Billy Sha-RaeDo It?
9/17/20040:09:20commercial: The Mack  
9/17/20040:10:15Value Your LoveBetty Wright 
9/17/20040:13:25Without You In My LifeTyrone Davis 
9/17/20040:16:35commercial: James Brown  
9/17/20040:17:10A Woman Needs To Be LovedTyrone Davis 
9/17/20040:20:00Can I Change My MindTyrone Davis 
9/17/20040:22:45I'm Confessin'Tyrone Davis 
9/17/20040:25:30??bed music
9/17/20040:28:15I believe I'll Go Back HomeOvations 
9/17/20040:31:20I Got To Be MyselfStaple Singers 
9/17/20040:34:42commercial: Detroit Emeralds  
9/17/20040:35:46Why (Am I Treated So Bad)Staple Singers 
9/17/20040:38:42It's Been a ChangeStaple Singers 
9/17/20040:40:59The LiquidatorHarry J Allstarsbed music - baseline to I'll Take You There
9/17/20040:44:10?Five Stairsteps 
9/17/20040:46:29commercial: Marigold Ballroom  
9/17/20040:46:59?Five Stairsteps(two sides of the same single)
9/17/20040:49:48Keep On Loving Me (You'll See The Change)Bobby Bland 
9/17/20040:52:30commercial: Soul to Soul  
9/17/20040:53:25No Business Like Love BusinessDave Prader(of Sam & Dave)
9/17/20040:56:40?Linda Jones"NJ's own -- ooh baby, you move me so"
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
10/15/20040:00:00My GirlTemptationslive
10/15/20040:03:43??Albert King 
10/15/20040:07:15Outcast/I'm Gonna Always Love YouEddie and Ernie 
10/15/20040:10:00commercial: Superfly  
10/15/20040:11:02Is It Something That You've GotTyrone Davis??
10/15/20040:14:05Temtation 'Bout To Get MeKnight Brothers 
10/15/20040:17:20commercial: James Brown  
10/15/20040:18:03You Left the Water RunningMaurice and Mack 
10/15/20040:20:42Believe In MeLittle Milton 
10/15/20040:23:55Why (Am I Treated So Bad)Staple Singers 
10/15/20040:26:45??Fred WesleySons of Funk?
10/15/20040:29:25Losin the FeelingGwen McCraew/ Little Beaver
10/15/20040:32:15It's All Wrong But It's AlrightPercy Sledge 
10/15/20040:41:10Look Over Your ShoulderO'Jays 
10/15/2004 GrasshopperSoul Devaliants 
10/15/20040:48:30 Sam Dees 
10/15/20040:51:13commercial: James Brown  
10/15/20040:51:49You Made a Man Out of MeOtis Redding 
10/15/20040:54:26Rainbow (Part 1)Gene Chandlerlive
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
2/18/20050:00:00Without You In My LifeTyrone Davis 
2/18/20050:03:54Call On MeBobby BlandIs this version Tyrone Davis?
2/18/20050:06:35Can I Change My Mind?"(Tyrone Davis song) -- bed music, instrumental"
2/18/20050:09:2090% Of Me Is YouGwen McCrae 
2/18/20050:12:07commercial: James Brown  
2/18/20050:12:30Give Me Back My ManBetty Wright 
2/18/20050:16:45Great Big LiarBunny Sigler 
2/18/20050:19:05commercial: Shaft  
2/18/20050:20:05Funky Walk (pts 1 & 2)Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band 
2/18/20050:25:41There'll Come a TimeBetty EverettEugene Record wrote it
2/18/20050:28:15?James Brown & Vicki Anderson 
2/18/20050:33:40I'm Trying To Be Your FriendSoul Stirrers 
2/18/20050:36:40commercial: Marigold Ballroom  
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
3/4/20050:03:26Hijackin' LoveJohnny Taylor 
3/4/20050:07:10Good Old MusicGeorge Clinton & The Parliaments 
3/4/20050:10:18commercial: Trouble Man  
3/4/20050:11:18?? Ace in the Hole?? 
3/4/20050:14:35Get DownHarvey Scales & The Seven Sounds 
3/4/20050:18:00Pain (Part 1)Ohio Players 
3/4/20050:20:55ShowtimeDetriot Emeralds 
3/4/20050:24:15commercial: Shaft  
3/4/20050:25:18You Gotta Come a Little Bit CloserSoul Brother Six 
3/4/20050:28:16I Had a Good Home But I Left It (Parts 1 & 2) ??Joe Tex?? Or Hold On to What You Got?
3/4/20050:31:20talk + instrumental  
3/4/20050:34:50Trying To Live My Life Without YouOtis Clay 
3/4/20050:38:46What Becomes of the Broken HeartedIsley Brothers 
3/4/20050:42:15I Heard it Through the GrapevineThe Miracles 
3/4/20050:44:55commercial: Truck Turner & Foxy Brown  
3/4/20050:45:53I Hear a SymphonyStevie Wonder 
3/4/20050:49:29Guys Can't Do What The Girls DoBetty Wright 
3/4/20050:52:12You Can Lead Your Woman To The AltarOscar Tony Jr 
3/4/20050:55:38Cry Baby CryVan & Titus 
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
4/15/20050:00:00Ace Of SpadesOB Wright 
4/15/20050:02:45Men Are Getting ScarceJoe Tex 
4/15/20050:08:39commercial: The Mack  
4/15/20050:09:42Got Myself a Good ManGladys Knight & The Pips 
4/15/20050:13:00CupidJohnny Nash 
4/15/20050:16:20commercial: Detroit Emeralds  
4/15/20050:17:20Highway To HeavenDramatics 
4/15/20050:22:00Blue MoonBobby Bland 
4/15/20050:24:02commercial: James Brown  
4/15/20050:24:29Blues In the NightBobby Bland 
4/15/20050:30:15  play with me?
4/15/2005 Hip Drop The Explosions 
4/15/20050:36:14 Lee Dorsey 
4/15/20050:39:09The EchoThe Epsilons 
4/15/20050:41:58"Why Them, Why Me"Abdullah 
4/15/20050:45:45commercial: James Brown  
4/15/20050:46:15Under The Street LampThe Exits 
4/15/20050:49:25What Our Love NeedsKing Floyd 
4/15/20050:52:10commercial: Shaft  
4/15/20050:53:10  King Floyd?
4/15/20050:55:13TroubleKing Floyd 
4/15/20050:58:50Baby You Move MeLinda Jones 
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
4/21/20060:00:00I Found A True LoveOscar Tony Jr 
4/21/20060:03:00Lookin' For A LoveOlympics 
4/21/20060:06:12Wild ChildCarl Carlton 
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.
5/6/20050:00:00Hey LoveBettye LaVetteStevie Wonder
5/6/20050:03:52Slippin Into DarknessDayton Sidewinders 
5/6/20050:08:45Reach Out For MeLou JohnsonBurt Bacharach
5/6/20050:11:20commercial: James Brown  
5/6/20050:11:45?Curtis MayfieldFive Stairsteps? Little Young Lover?
5/6/20050:14:30GrasshopperSoul Devaliants 
5/6/20050:17:20commercial: The Mack  
5/6/20050:18:20It Feels GoodEddie Bo 
5/6/20050:21:10Lonely ManJohnny Adams 
5/6/20050:26:20Who Was ThatTina Britt 
5/6/20050:29:04commercial: Marigold Ballroom  
5/6/20050:29:40This Is The Thanks I GetBarbara Lynn 
5/6/20050:33:20What Love Has Joined TogetherTemptations 
5/6/20050:36:04Thank You BabySyl Johnson 
5/6/20050:38:30commercial: Slaughter  
5/6/20050:41:40commercial: Detroit Emeralds  
5/6/20050:42:50Til You Decide To Come HomeDetroit Emeraldstil you decide to come home
5/6/20050:45:27Ode To Soul ManSyl Johnson 
5/6/20050:48:05Let's Get TogetherBobby Bland?
5/6/20050:50:53commercial: James Brown  
5/6/20050:51:25 Detroit Sex Machine 
5/6/20050:56:57It's Your Turn To CryBettye LaVetteJoe Simon
Date Time Track Artist Notes/Guesses/etc.

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